Geological Thin Section Preparation on the LP70

Logitech systems are the worldwide standard for Thin Section Preparation of geological materials and we have just developed a brand new system for high throughput levels of thin section production suited to both R&D and production environments.

Learn the process:

Download the application note on "Thin Section Preparation" to obtain application requirements, system specifications and processing results for the preparation of various geological thin sections.

You'll also benefit from insight on:

  • Standard thin section production levels per week with ALL NEW LP70 Lapping & Polishing System
  • Controlling the process of variables for repeatable thin-section lapping and polishing
  • Achieving accurate and highly versatile lapping and polishing time after time
  • Detailed MRR rates and results on the process of granite rock on the LP70 in comparison to systems without automated features

Embrace the cutting edge – you’re in safe hands.