Geological Thin Section Preparation: LP70



Eight steps to success in geological thin section preparation

Logitech hold the worldwide standard for geological thin section preparation watch the video above for our eight steps to success in producing high quality geological thin sections across a variety of materials. By working with you we can provide a full system solution from bulk sample cutting, impregnation to final stage polishing. We can assist you in integrating the relevant processes to meet your thin section requirements such as weekly output, surface finish and geometric tolerances. 

LP70 Precision Lapping & Polishing System

Our newest addition to our wide range of lapping & polishing systems, the LP70 is the ideal solution for thin section preparation with the requirement of high throughput levels. With four workstations as standard the LP70 has the capacity to process >500 thin sections per week (from bonded to glass slide stage). The LP70 can facilitate increased material removal rates (MRR), with far greater control and reduced variations across workstations, with slower plate speeds and without driven-jig-arm functionality. The LP70 has a host of intuitive features with improved functionality allowing for increased material removal rates, greater levels of control and reliable process repeatability. 

Watch our video or download the brochure for more information on geological thin section preparation. 


geological sciences Geological Sciences

Experience our wide range of versatile systems for trimming, lapping, polishing and preparation of geological thin sections.

semiconductors Semiconductors

Utilize our team of experts to integrate relevant Logitech processes and systems into your thin or ultra-thin wafer fabrication programme.

cmp applications CMP Applications

Apply Logitech’s highly versatile chemical mechanical polishing systems to your surface quality applications for high geometric precision and flatness.

opto electronics Optoelectronics

Introduce an adaptable range of Logitech optoelectronic material processing systems to your processes for precise tolerances with defect-free surfaces.

optics Optics

Ensure you achieve the highest results possible with Logitech’s adaptable cutting lapping and polishing systems for optics processes.

other applications Other Applications

There are many applications where Logitech systems provide real solutions to complex material preparation problems. Processed materials include calcified tissues, bone sections, ceramics, bark and more.


Achieve methods for thinning down silicon wafers to a final thickness as low as 2 μm with Logitech systems such as the PM6- Precision Lapping & Polishing System.

Silicon Carbide

Utilize Logitech’s automated precision lapping and polishing system, Akribis Air, to ensure accuracy, repeatability and control to deliver optimum surface finishes and precise geometric tolerances.


Reduce the final thickness of sapphire wafers with a TTV of better than +/- 2 microns and an improved surface roughness of less than 2nm with Logitech systems such as the PM6- Precision Lapping & Polishing System.

Gallium Arsenide

This versatile semiconductor can be processed to a flatness of 5 fringes and surface finish of Ra 3-4nm with Logitech systems such as the PM6- Precision Lapping and Polishing System or Akribis Air.

Cadmium Zinc Telluride

Process this direct bandgap semiconductor for a variety of applications, such as electro-optic modulators, solar cells and more. CzT is one of the most common materials processed on Logitech systems, promising the highest quality of results.

Indium Phosphide

Used in high power and high-frequency electronics, InP boasts a superior electron velocity in comparison to more common semiconductors. Utilize Logitech to ensure high quality InP production for opto-electronic devices. 


Investigate thin section samples with the production of geological thin sections from Logitech. We provide machine systems incorporating vacuum impregnation, cutting, lapping and polishing equipment to ensure optimum results.

Other Materials

There are many other materials Logitech has had significant experience in providing processing solutions for. They include: polymers, ceramics, cadmium sulfide, diamond, lithium niobate and more.