Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafer processing on the LP70

Logitech have developed semi-automated processes for wafer end fabrication to optimize lapping and polishing processes. The LP70 speeds up productivity and increases repeatability by approximately 40% compared to non-automated techniques.

Learn the process:

Download the application note on "GaAs Wafer Processing" to obtain application requirements, system specifications and processing results for the lapping of fragile GaAs wafers on the LP70 multi-station precision lapping & polishing system.

You'll also benefit from insight on:

  • Utilizing Preston's Law as the framework for predicting the amount of material that will be removed by controlling variables using  systems with automated functionality
  • Comparative material removal rate (MRR) data between the LP70 and machines without automated functionality and operator controls
  • Utilizing time weighted average (TWA) functionality for increased accuracy within your process which is easily repeatable

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