Advances in Indium Phosphide processing using the Logitech PM6

Lapping & CMP Polishing

This application note illustrates the versatility and control benefits using the Logitech PM6 auto-lap and polishing precision systems for processing II-VI semiconductor materials. 

Learn the process:

Download the application note on "Advances in InP processing using the Logitech PM6" to learn techniques and controls such as auto-plate flatness control, Bluetooth technology and end point thickness control utilising time weighted averages to produce superior results in the process of InP. 

You'll also benefit from insight on:

  • Step by step guide for each stage of processing including bonding, lapping & CMP Polishing
  • Detailed process parameters including plate speed and plate convexity
  • Exact process routes to achieve a Ra of 1-2nm and TTV of <3um on 3" InP wafers 

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